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The Inger Letter, has evolved over decades into a daily emailed stock market Analysis by Gene Inger; financial television pioneer; experienced money manger; original CNBC 'Market Maven'; and periodic Top Timer in various market Indexes.

The Daily Briefing is distributed nightly and typically includes one or two videos as well as charts and analysis. MarketCast is emailed several times during the market day to investors and traders more attuned to intraday equity index swings. All analysis is send directly to your email 'inbox', eliminating usernames and passwords, or need to visit the website regularly.

Stay current on the day-to-day markets and economic prospects with Gene's in-depth analysis. There are two Serivces; the Daily Briefing (nightly); and the MarketCast (multiple intraday S&P-focused videos; with the Daily Briefing included as a courtesy). Broadly described; The Inger Letter is an assessment of changing stock market, economic, geopolitical; as well as psychological and general (even global) expectations, with a focus on E-mini S&P Intraday and macro swings.

Gene Inger's Daily Briefing

Posted to your inbox by 9 pm ET, the Daily Briefing addresses the e-mini S&P futures trading guidelines of the past day; along with a preliminary call for the next. Also provided (the depth depends on events and index activity): forecasts and analysis for the Dow Industrials, Oil markets (both WTI Crude & the XOI Oil Index, the Dollar (vs. the Euro often) and bonds (noting behavior of the 10 and 30 year paper, as well as timely monetary policy analysis when appropriate).

One key point: both Services include Gene's evening technical corner analysis, provided via embedded video links. All videos are recorded (for those curious) in HTML5, also known as MPEG; so play beautifully on iPhone 4's and 5's; as well as iPads and all modern smartphones or tablets. Of course they may be viewed on an ultralight, laptop, PC or a MAC.

The premier MarketCast Service additionally provides 4-5 intraday 5-minute e-mini S&P-focused trading guideline videos.

Gene Inger's MarketCast

Direct email-based service features near real-time e-mini S&P charts and video daytrading projections. In addition to S&P trading guidelines, intraday action of the Dow, Dollar, Euro, treasuries, Oil, Gold, and other indexes (as varies) analyzed. Updates sent 4 to 5 times intraday, depending upon market conditions and volatility.

Offer, Economic Outlook in Fort Lauderdale, FL

MarketCast service includes Gene's overview via the Daily Briefing, as it is a more-macro market analysis. All analysis, and market videos,  are sent directly via email.

Requisite Disclaimer

The Inger Letter is a totally independent Service; not affiliated with any broker-dealer, trading system, mutual or hedge fund; or IR.  Gene is a retired Registered Investment Advisor.  The Inger Letter; covers markets in Chicago & NY and technologies in LA & SF, is an email-based stock market Analysis by Gene Inger.  Stay current on the economic outlook with Gene's in-depth analysis.

Gene's focus:

  • Stock Market Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Emini S&P
  • Bonds
  • Gold
  • S&P Trading
  • Oil
  • Currencies
  • Monetary Policy
  • Geopolitical Analysis

Note: Trading in securities may not be suitable for all investors. Any position always entails volatility as well as risks; including futures and options. Analysis and guidelines intend to give shape or flow to our investing and trading views. Decisions are at all times at the discretion, responsibiity, and risk of any trader or investor. Past performance, though often superior, cannot be an assurance of future results. Privacy policy: we regard your privacy as we do our own. We have never and will never share member information, nor do we even accept advertising. Reproduction policy: brief excerpt quotations are allowed; providing accreditation, web-link, or 'opt-in-trial' link to our website is included. All references as well as disclaimers, apply equally to analysis or comments on social media (such as Facebook or Twitter), or media broadcasts.

Due to rapidly flowing data and news, often prior to confirmation of details; we must note neither Inger or its data providers shall have any liability for information accuracy or completeness; nor delays, errors or omissions therein. No foregoing party shall be liable for any third-party claims or losses of any nature. Inger strives to provide timely information as feasibly able.

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